We are KNOP recordings, a small Belgian-based “lathe cut” grammophone recording company. We provide small run vinyl records for bands, producers and modest labels.
Making one-off records gives you the possibility to give every record a unique touch of magic. Ideal as a gift, souvenir or for marketing purposes.

We also provide vinyl cleaning services (ultrasonic), customized DJ-slipmats and many other audio-related products and services.

To order your custom records, just select the type you want. You can select all options on the individual product page. Audio and image files can be uploaded in your shopping basket, or at checkout.  Please upload your audio and (if needed) graphics files in ZIP format,  some written instruction are more than welcome. Use sensible resolutions for your images, and WAV/FLAC or high quality MP3 for your audio files.

10% Off on order 2+
25% Off on order 5+

Maximum runs of 20. Need more? Contact us directly.

If there is anything else we can help you with, just give us a call and we will work something out (contact page).

Best Regards, Wim and Nicolas