Hi! What are lathe cuts?

It’s the process of cutting a groove containing the waveforms of the music in a disc, just like the laquers used to make stampers for record pressing. We cut on PVC discs, instead of fragile laquer discs. They look and last just like regular vinyl. This allows us to make one off records, with that new track you made, or the new songs you wrote. Or limited edition custom runs. Or whatever 🙂

How do they sound?

Due to the similar-but-not-the-same material qualities of the disc, you have a slightly higher noise floor than with pressed records. There is a bit more WOW than on pressed vinyl. We can fit our custom made cutting lathe with a modern stereo cutterhead, or with mono vintage cutterheads. The first option allows for a musical sounding and modern sound, and has a frequency response from 30-17000Hz +- 3dB. while the latter makes for a vintage tone. In any case, they are not mastering quality, nor are they priced as such.

How to prepare and submit the audio files?

Wav/flac is prefered, mp3 is a possibility. Too much compression is a no go. We advise you to arrange the calmer tracks on the inner grooves (A2-B2). Send us the files via a filesharing app such as WeTransfer if possible. 

And what about the graphics?

You can find templates by clicking here:  7″ records and 12″ records. Use sensible resolutions or vector graphics. If unsure about anything, just ask. If you need help designing your cover or inner labels, we can help out, or find you someone who can.

Music Policies?

Only music you have the right to reproduce.
We will not duplicate any songs or remixes of authors, composers, performers and publishers who are represented by an author rights or performance rights organisation. If needed, you can contact SABAM/Playright to acquire a duplication license.

What if I do not like the product?

Mastering the art of lathe cutting is a continuous work in progress. We will always try to cut you a nice sounding record, but we can not guarantee you will like it as much as we do. In case of doubt, please order one record before you order a batch. Last but not least, being a part of your music is just as important to us as you becoming a part of our story.

Lead Time/Shipping

Preparing your order can take up to 3 weeks. Shipping time for BeNeLux is 2 workdays and 4-5 workdays for the rest of the EU.
“Take-away” is also possible!
If you have an urgent order, contact us.